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Print Media

Media coverage of Hitler Mon Voisin, Editions Michel Lafon, Paris (January 2013).

Co-written by French journalist Bertil Scali, this is a semi-fictionalized narrative from the viewpoint of Edgar as a child. It was a bestseller in France in 2013, peaking at No. 46 on the Top 100. It was subsequently published in 14 other languages, including German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Slovak and Chinese, and English (Hitler, My Neighbor, Other Press, New York, November 2017).

L'Express 3 January 2013
Haaretz (Israel) 3 January 2013
The Times of Israel January 11 2013
Un historien temoigne : 'Mon voisin s'appelait Hitler' in: Le Parisien 18 January 2013
Complete dossier of all post-launch French media coverage, January 13
Bild 30. Januar 2013, Hitler war mein Nachbar 18 Feb 13
Muenchner Merkur 18 Feb 2013
L'Actu, 23 February 2013
Die Weltwoche (Switzerland) March 21 2013
Canadian Jewish News 26 April 13
A-Magasinet (Oslo) 6 Sept 13 (cover story and 8 pages)
Sueddeutsche Zeitung 12 April 14, review of and excerpt from Als Hitler Unser Nachbar War
NZZ am Sonntag (Zurich) 12 April 14, Mein Nachbar, ihr Fuehrer, by Brigitte Ulmer
Die Welt, 14 April 14, Als der Milchmann nebenan bei Hitler klingelte
Interview re Als Hitler Unser Nachbar War, Juedische Allgemeine, 23 April 14
Interview--Als Hitler Unser Nachbar War, Muenchner Merkur, 6 May 14
South China Morning Post, 14 May 2014: 'Edgar Feuchtwanger, Jew who grew up next door to Hitler, pens memoir'
Focus Magazin 19. Mai 2014. Feature--inside Hitler's apartment. "Ich habe ueberlebt. Er nicht!"
Juedische Allgemeine 19. Juni 2014 "Tuer an Tuer mit Hitler"
Westfalenpost 26. Juni 2014 "Ich habe ueberlebt. Er ist weg"
Complete dossier of media coverage in Spanish and Catalan press of Hitler mi vecino and Hitler, el meu vei, May 2014
Interview, Augsburger Allgemeine, 30 August 2014
Interview, Pravda (Slovakia) online edition
Mishpacha Magazine, Jerusalem, July 2016, Hitler's Jewish neighbor, (4 pages, in Hebrew)
In a Tel Aviv cafe with Hitler's Jewish neighbor, Haaretz, 21 February 2017
New York Times Book Reviews, New and Noteworthy, November 12th 2017: Hitler, My Neighbor (Other Press)
The Forward magazine (New York) online edition, November 2017, That Time Hitler had a Jewish Neighbor
Time online edition, 7 November 2017, Growing Up Jewish on Hitler's Block: 'Our Neighbor's a Dangerous Man'
People online edition, 7 November 2017, Growing Up Jewish on Hitler's Block: 'Our Neighbor's a Dangerous Man'
Review of Hitler, My Neighbor in New York Journal of Books, November 2017
Adolf Hitler's Neighbor was a Jewish boy. Now he's telling his story. In: Newsweek, December 5th 2017
Review of Hitler, My Neighbor in Minneapolis Star Tribune 15 December 2017
The New Yorker, January 15th 2018 issue, Briefly Noted Book Reviews
The Jewish News, 7 April 18, Never Forget--Holocaust-Themed Books, 8 June 2018, The Jewish Family on Hitler's Street
J., The Jewish News of Northern California, October 3 2018, 'He lived across the street from Hitler, and he's coming to Palo Alto'
Sud Ouest, 11 Dec 2018, L'enfance d'Edgar, voisin juif de Hitler
Times of Israel, Author Interview, 20 April 2020 (coinciding with Holocaust Day in Israel)

Media coverage of I Was Hitler's Neighbour, Bretwalda, London (March 2015), a straightforward memoir from the viewpoint of Edgar as professional historian.

The Oldie (UK), March 2015, The bloke who lived opposite Hitler
Daily Express [British tabloid], Sept 26 2015, 'Adolf Hitler was my neighbour'--Jewish boy remembers the Fuehrer next door
Daily Mail Online [British tabloid] 23rd June 2016, 'I was Hitler's neighbor': The Jewish nephew of Nazi dictator's 'worst enemy' reveals his incredible tale of survival
New York Times, June 2nd 2016, Books Section: Edgar Feuchtwanger Bore Witness, Horribly Close to Hitler

Other print media articles about Edgar's life

The Independent on Sunday (UK)_June 1995, I was Hitler's Jewish Neighbour, 
vsd (France) 24-31 May 1995, J'etais le voisin juif d'Adolf Hitler, 
Southern Daily Echo_3 May 2005
Daily Express May 5th 2005
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 22 2008, Mein umgekrempeltes Leben, 
Southern Daily Echo_6 December 2008
Hampshire Chronicle 10 September 2009
This is my home now, Stories from refugees in Southampton [Exhibition, 2011]
History Today, June 2012, I was Hitler's Neighbour
Gefaehrliche Nachbarschaft--Der englische Historiker Edgar Feuchtwanger ueber seine Kindheit in Muenchen (by Ellen Presser, Jued. Allg., Juni 12; also in Ztschrft des LV der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinden in Bayern)
Historian shares memories of having Hitler for a neighbour (Ham and High 23 Aug. 12)
When Hitler was my neighbour, The Jewish Chronicle (London) 6 Sept. 12
The Sun [British tabloid], 9 November 2012, Jewish historian lived next to Adolf Hitler
Russian online journal, article entitled 'My Uncle, Lion Feuchtwanger' (7th July 2014--130th birthday)


Live talks and presentations by Edgar about his life


Help for Heroes fundraiser September 2011 (war-time reminiscences)
Sueddeutsche Zeitung June 12 2012 re Erlebnis und Geschichte book launch, Stadtarchiv Muenchen, with Bundesminister a.D. Hans-Jochen Vogel (part 1)
Sueddeutsche Zeitung June 12 2012 re Erlebnis und Geschichte book launch, Stadtarchiv Muenchen, with Bundesminister a.D. Hans-Jochen Vogel (part 2)
London Jewish Cultural Centre seminar September 2012--German & Austrian Jewish Refugees: Their Impact and Legacy
"When Edgar met Bea" Edgar Feuchtwanger & Bea Green, London Jewish Cultural Centre November 7th 2013
"The bloke who lived opposite Hitler", Inaugural Humanities Alumni Lecture, University of Southampton, February 6 2014
Book launch at the Savile Club, London for I Was Hitler's Neighbour (publ. Bretwalda, London, April 2015)
I Was Hitler's Neighbor: Author Event, 92Y, New York, June 3rd 2016
Edgar Feuchtwanger: Hitler's Jewish Neighbor, National Library of Israel, 6 February 2017
Feuchtwanger Memorial Library, University of Southern California, 15 November 2017, talk and book signing
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, 19 November 2017, talk and book signing
Programs for German and Jewish Studies and the Literature Department at the University of California, San Diego, November 21, 2017 
Palo Alto JCC, Arts & Dialogues, Memories of a Jewish Childhood, 1929-1939, Edgar Feuchtwanger's Hitler, My Neighbor, October 8th 2018 
Exile and Resistance: Refugees and Migrants in Literature, History and Public Affairs, Feuchtwanger Memorial Library, USC, November 12, 2019 
Hitler, My Neighbour, Memories of a Jewish Childhood, 1929-1939, Online Webinar, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, School of Humanities, 16 March 2020 





Edgar Feuchtwanger im am 10. Juli 05 
Einer riecht die Heimat im Exil - Lion Feuchtwanger in Sanary-sur-Mer (Deutschlandradio Kultur 10. Juli 05, Niederschrift)
Edgar Feuchtwanger im SWR2 am 23. November 09 
BBC World Service 9 November 2012 
Edgar Feuchtwanger pour Hitler Mon Voisin, France Inter 24 January 2013 
Norway NRK Kulturnytt 6 Sept 13 
RTS Deux (Switzerland), Rencontre avec Bertil Scali, realisateur de: "Hitler mon voisin", un film a decouvrir ce dimanche 17 novembre 2013 sur RTS Deux 
BR2 Eins zu Eins. Der Talk. 16 Mai 2014 
SRF 12. Juni 2014: Als Hitler unser Nachbar war. Eine wahre Geschichte 
WDR 5 Erlebte Geschichten, Ingo Zander, 6 November 2016 (25 minutes) 
The Nazi Next Door (24 February 2018, opening segment on 'To the Best of Our Knowledge', Anne Strainchamps' nationally-syndicated, Peabody award-winning radio show on Wisconsin Public Radio) 
Jewish Survivor of Nazi Germany Discusses His Neighbor Adolph Hitler, 88.5 WMNF, Tampa, Florida, 20 March 2018 



Television and Online Video


Discovery Channel Assassinations Series 1995_Edgar Feuchtwanger
Edgar in clip from Michael Verhoeven's documentary film Menschliches Versagen, WDF November 2008
Interviewed for Herb Krill's Lion Feuchtwanger documentary 'Feuchtwanger Lebt!' (3sat, December 2008)
Interviewed for Winchester News Online 27 November 2012
Hitler My Neighbour (Bordes, Scali 2012). English version as seen on PBS America. 60-minute documentary in which Edgar retraces his steps back to his former home, school etc. in Munich. First broadcast in France on 24 January 2013.
Norway NRK TV 7 o'clock news 5 Sept 13
Bayerischer Rundfunk, abendschau, 13. Mai 2014, 4-minute segment inside Hitler's flat
CNN Amanpour June 23rd 2016, What Hitler's Jewish Neighbor Saw (6 minutes)
Hitler Was My Neighbour, 7-minute short film, Lupercal 2017, Director: Tom Young. Screened at the Imperial War Museum Short Film Festival 2017, 17-26 November 2017, London. 



International Feuchtwanger Society Conferences


'Two Films about Jud Suess', In: Lion Feuchtwanger und die deutschsprachigen Emigranten in Frankreich von 1933 bis 1941, hrsg. von Daniel Azuelos, Peter Lang, Bern 2006 [proceedings of the International Feuchtwanger Society Conference 2005, Sanary-sur-Mer]
Einleitende Worte, International Feuchtwanger Society Conference 2009, Vienna
Speech, International Feuchtwanger Society Conference 2013, Berlin





Scholarly articles and scholarly reviews of books by Edgar Feuchtwanger

Selection only; see Edgar Feuchtwanger in wikipedia


Recovering from Culture Shock, in: Out of the Third Reich, ed. Peter Alter, London-New York 1998
Wissenschaftliche Emigration in England, in: Nationalsozialismus in den Kulturwissenschaften, Band 2, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Goettingen 2004
Einleitung zum Briefwechsel Ludwig Feuchtwanger/Carl Schmitt, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 2007
Review of Erlebnis und Geschichte (Duncker und Humblot, Berlin 2010)(Edgar's Feuchtwanger's memoir in German)), Hans-Christoph Kraus in Das Historisch-Politische Buch (1/2011)
Review of Englands deutsches Koenigshaus in online history journal hsozkult, 28 Oct. 2011
German Historical Institute, London, European Remigrations in the 20th Century (public Panel Discussion), March 2012
Review of Erlebnis und Geschichte (Duncker und Humblot, Berlin 2010, Waldemar Fromm in Zeitschrift fuer bayerische Landesgeschichte 8 March 2013
Review of Erlebnis und Geschichte in Literatur in Bayern 4/2012 page 1
Review of Erlebnis und Geschichte in Literatur in Bayern 4/2012 page 2
Review of German edition of Disraeli biography on (history reviews journal, Sept. 13)
Review of Englands deutsches Koenigshaus in: Zeitschrift fuer thueringische Geschichte, Band 67 1 2013
Rezension von Disraeli. Eine politische Biographie in: Historische Zeitschrift Band 298 2014 Heft 1
Review of Erlebnis und Geschichte in: geschichte fuer heute 2/2014 p. 118
Review of Disraeli (German edition) in geschichte fuer heute 3/2014
Zeitschrift fuer Geschichtswissenschaft 12-2014, Review of Als Hitler unser Nachbar war and Erlebnis und Geschichte

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